Ryan Fong

Dr. Ryan Fong

Associate Professor of English

Phone: 269.337.7046
Office: Humphrey House, room 209
Email: ryan.fong@kzoo.edu

Ryan’s Page

Dr. Fong specializes in 19th Century Literature & Culture;
Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies

Marin Heinritz

Marin Heinritz

Associate Professor of English
and Department Chair

Phone: 269.337.5734
Office: Humphrey House, room 21
Email: marin.heinritz@kzoo.edu

Marin’s Page

Dr. Heinritz specializes in Journalism
and Creative writing (Nonfiction)

Amelia Katanski

Amelia Katanski photo

Professor of English

Phone: 269.337.7045
Office: Humphrey House, room 207
Email: amelia.katanski@kzoo.edu

Amelia’s Page

Dr Katanski specializes in American Indian Literatures,
World Indigenous Literatures, Literature & the Environment,
and Late 19th and 20th Century U.S. Literature

Dr. Katanski is Co-Chair of the
Critical Ethnic Studies Program

Dr. Katanski is on sabbatical for the 2023-24 academic year.

Benjamin Kingsley

Benjamin Kingsley

Assistant Professor of English

Phone: 269.337.7038
Office: Humphrey House, room 211
Email: Benjamin.Kingsley@kzoo.edu

Ben’s Page

Dr. Kingsley specializes in Creative Writing (Poetry)

Ben Kingsley is on leave for the 2024 winter quarter

Bruce Mills

Bruce Mills 3

Professor of English

Phone: 269.337.7037
Office: Humphrey House, room 208
Email: bruce.mills@kzoo.edu Phone:

Bruce’s Page

Dr. Mills specializes in Colonial to 19th Century U.S, Literature,
African American Literature, and Short Fiction

Andrew Mozina

Professor of English

Phone: 269.337.7041
Office: Humphrey House, room 210
Email: andrew.mozina@kzoo.edu

Andy’s Page

Dr. Mozina specializes in Creative Writing (fiction),
Contemporary Fiction, British and American Modernists

Dr. Mozina is the Junior Class Dean

Shanna Salinas

Shanna Salinas

Associate Professor of English

Phone: 269.337.7115
Office: Humphrey House, room 108
Email: shanna.salinas@kzoo.edu

Shanna’s Page

Dr. Salinas specializes in Late 19th to 21st Century American
Literature, and Chicanx Literature

Dr. Salinas is Co-Chair of the
Critical Ethnic Studies Program

Babli Sinha

Babli Sinha

Professor of English

Phone: 269.337.7075
Office: Humphrey House, room 203
Email: babli.sinha@kzoo.edu

Babli’s Page

Dr. Sinha specializes in Film, 20th Century Literature,
Post-Colonial Literature, and Film and Theory

Amy Smith

Amy Smith

Professor of English

Phone: 269.337.7036
Office: Humphrey House, room 213
Email: amy.smith@kzoo.edu

Amy’s Page

Dr. Smith specializes in Shakespeare, British Literature to 1800,
Women’s Literature, and Drama

Scott Bade

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Visiting Assistant Professor
2023-2024 academic year

Office: Humphrey House, 205
Email: Scott.Bade@kzoo.edu

Sydne Lyon

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Visiting Assistant Professor
2023-24 academic year

Office: Humphrey House, room 207
Email: Sidne.Lyon@kzoo.edu

Monique McDade

Monique McDade

Visiting Assistant Professor
2022-2024 academic years

Phone: 7043
Office: Humphrey House, room 205
Email: Monique.Arnold@kzoo.edu

Deia Sportel

Deia Sportel

Academic Office Coordinator

Phone: 269.337.7043
Office: Humphrey House, room 110
Email: Deia.Sportel@kzoo.edu

About Deia

Deia has a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management from Cornerstone University and is a Certified Green Dot Instructor.