O.M. Allen Prize

Established by the family of Mrs. J.D. Clement for the best essay written by a member of the first-year class.


Do you remember the best essay you wrote when you were a first-year student? Please think about submitting it for consideration for the OM Allen Prize. This cash prize is presented each fall at Honors Day Convocation and is awarded for the best essay in any disciple a continuing student wrote when they were a member of the first-year class.

Congratulations to the 2023 Allen Prize Winner

2023 Winner: Madeline Moss

Previous Allen Prize Winners

2022May Tun
2021Claire McCall
2020Shanon Brown
2019Abigail Cadieux and Jessica Chaidez
2018Avani Ashtekar and Ynika Yuag
2017Paige Coffing
2016Kate Kreiss
2015Elise Houcek
2014Sara McKinney
2013Mallory McClure
2012Allison Kennedy
2011No Award Given
2010Amanda Patton
2009Rebecca Staudenmaier
2008Emily France
2007Laura Fox
2006Kathryn Prout
2005Emma Perry
2004Michael White
2003Meridel Thompson
2002William Miller
2001Joseph Tracz
2000Michael Gouin and Sara Wiener
1999Melissa Fox
1998Meital Fried
1997Jennifer Bontrager and John Cunningham
1996Sara Rivara
1995Sharalynn Cromer, Jeffrey Grisenthwaite, and Shondra Kruger
1994Thomas Bourguignon, Shannon Coleman, and Nichole Miller
1993Michael Bak and Jessica Walsh
1992Matthew Kandell and Michael Wells
1991Bethany Pagel
1990Andrew Sherrod
1989Susan Thomas
1988Josephine Rood
1987Amolak Singh
1986Laura Behling
1985Mark Crilley
1984Tina Stoecklin
1983Catherine Laurent
1982Kathleen Kiersey
1981Linda Craig
1980Tad Schmaltz
1979Timothy Schroder
1978Katherine Ralowsky
1977Martin P. Greydanus
1976Patricia Gossman
1975Margaret Springer
1974Richard Anzinger
1973Guy Calcerano
1972No Award Given
1971Philip Scruton
1970Barbara Boyle
1969No Award Given
1968Ann Towsley
1967Leon Raikes
1966Evelyn J. Form and Catherine Gaetjens
1965Michael Saxby
1964Bruce Stewart