Hilberry SIPS 2020

From the Infographic from the Hilberry SIP Symposium

The Department of English at Kalamazoo College Presents

Hilberry SIPs 2020

Starring: List of Student Presenters and Titles of Their SIPs

  • Cameron Bays
    • The Winter of our Disability: Understanding Disability in Film through Richard III
  • Anna Christinidis
    • Her Face Was an Open Wound”: Female Bodies as Sites of Pleasure and Destruction in Postmodern Horror Cinema
  • Carolyn Coulter
    • A Life of a Daughter Through a Mother
  • Mansi Dahal
    • going into battle wearing sari: defining nepali womanhood one poem at a time
  • Julia Davis
    • Lemonade Stand: A Critical Analysis on Loving the Black Body in Béyonce’s “Lemonade”
  • Guilliana Jew
    • Another River to Drown In
  • Mitchell Kennis
    • Stan the Re-incarnate
  • Tamara Aliyah Morrison
    • Crawling B(l)ack Panther”: The African Diaspora and the Narrative of Return
  • Karina Pantoja
    • home/body: collected poems and essays
  • Boemin Park
    • Jalmukgaessimneeda: Korean Foods, History, and Eating Culture
  • Pham Thu Uyên
    • she answers, ‘because going is where I was
  • Emilia Renuart
    • Buried and Not: A Collection of Poetry
    • Makers of Memory: A Critical Essay on the Poet’s Management of Cognitive Errors in Memory and Imagination
  • William Schneider
    • The Martian Omnispace Revolution
  • Hannah Scholten
    • The Language of Movement”: Exploring States of Mind Through Poetry and Dance
  • Gabriel Stanley
    • Digital Consciousness: A Reflective Methodology for Transcorporeal Affective Communication
  • Mio Taylor
    • Cyborgs, Big Tech, Big Data, Big Muscles: Artificial Intelligence in Popular Film
  • Fiza Uddin
    • Depressed Autopilot